A beauty brand based on Chinese mythology and legend

Ancient Meets Modern

Shanahijing® Beauty

Shanhaijing® beauty brand is a high-end beauty brand based on the Chinese legend “山海经(also known as Shanhai jing)”. It integrates elements of ancient culture to meet the fashion needs of modern women. Our brand concept is “beauty is eternal and ancient is the present”. We are committed to providing every user with the best product experience and a new lifestyle with unique views on beauty. Rooted in thousands of years of history and culture, based on elegant rituals, simplicity and mindfulness are the most important. Integrate into the current trend. Our product is not only a high-quality product, but also can stimulate consumers’ sense of identity. At the same time, it will also become a beauty brand loved by fantasy and myth, ancient knowledge, mythical beasts and inspired art lovers.

brand based on "shanhaijing"

“Shanhaijing” is a well-known IP in China. Many fashion brands, story novels, film and television works and songs in the world are created using familiar elements in “shanhaijing”. And we hold this trademark.


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Our products

Never sacrifice the fun and innovative essence of the brand

We have been making continuous efforts to promote the development of innovation and industry boundaries.

We don't follow the trend. We create them.

We combine traditional beauty products with new technology, new technology, internet and new art. We are subverting the old model and bringing a new perspective.


Our Principles

We are obsessed with all beautiful things, including making the earth look beautiful.

While developing excellent beauty products, we also attach great importance to environmental issues and take action to this end.


Hormone Free

Our products will never add female hormones, lead and mercury.

No Cruelty

Our products have not been tested on animals.


Our ingredients do not come from GMO sources.

No Artificial Essence

The flavor of the product comes from the taste of the raw material itself.

Water Saving

We try to avoid increasing the water content in the product development process. It can improve the effectiveness of skin care products and reduce the transportation and consumption of water resources


Clean Energy

We try to use solar energy, wind energy and other green energy in the production process.Reduce the emission of pollutants within its capabilities.


Sustainable Packaging

We strive towards more sustainable packaging through the use of recycled aluminum, glass components, and responsibly sourced paper. 

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