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We are a group of professional beauty practitioners with deep love and awe for Chinese culture.

What we do

We are dedicated to the Chinese culture promotion and quality of products reflected the culture.

We are committed to reflecting Chinese culture with high-quality products with Chinese traditional art or folk craftwork, and strive to spread it to more people in the world who can understand and love Chinese culture.


Join our team.

We sincerely invite more people who are interested in Shanhaijing and Chinese culture to join our cultural promotion career, and let more people gradually understand Shanhaijing and China’s magnificent culture with high-quality products that can be touched, used and experienced!

Myths are created by mortals, and Men build the mountains and seas!


Ancient books
-《Shan Hai Jing》

Delightfully weird, extremely formulaic.

“ You can not help but love the ``surreal`` quality of this book. It ranks up there as one of the strangest things I've read.”


From the United States

The Classic of the Mountains and Seas

“It is also a repository of strange spirits, curious folkways, medical beliefs, and other related oral and written traditions of earlier origins.”

John Wm Schiffeler

From the United States

A Literary Version of a Problem-Child

“ I am grateful to have it. The ethnographic, religious, geographical, and historical implications are fascinating.”

Ian M. Slater

From the United States

The Classic of Mountains and Seas (Chinese: 山海经), also known as Shan Hai Jing, formerly romanized as the Shan-hai Ching,is a Chinese classic text and a compilation of mythic geography and beasts. Versions of the text may have existed since as early as the 4th century BC,but the present form was not reached until the early Han dynasty a few centuries later.It is largely a fabulous geographical and cultural account of pre-Qin China as well as a collection of Chinese mythology.The book is divided into eighteen sections; it describes over 550 mountains and 300 channels.

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