The combination of Shanhaijing beauty and Xiang embroidery.

Shanhaijing beauty launched the latest beauty series – “FeiFei Velvet Lip Cream”! Inspired by the mystical creatures in the ancient Chinese text “Shan Hai Jing”, our lip cream features the iconic image of “Fei Fei” and is adorned with beautiful Hunan embroidery.

“Fei Fei” is a wild animal recorded in “shanhaijing”. According to “shanhaijing”, “Fei Fei” looks like a civet, has long hair on the neck and a white tail. Raising it can help people solve their worries, and it belongs to the senior pet category. Its lovely appearance makes it a popular symbol in Chinese culture. We give it vitality in lip cream design.

The Hunan embroidery used in our design is a traditional Chinese technique that originated in Hunan province. It involves intricate stitching and embroidery that creates beautiful and intricate patterns. The combination of “Fei Fei” and Hunan embroidery creates a stunning visual that represents the beauty and power of Chinese culture.

But our “Fei Fei” lip cream isn’t just beautiful – it’s also high-quality and long-lasting. The gloss is made with high-quality ingredients that ensure your lips stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day. It has a smooth and creamy texture that glides on effortlessly, and the glossy finish adds a beautiful shine to your lips.

Our “Fei Fei” lip cream comes in a range of beautiful colors, from bold and bright to subtle and natural. Whether you’re going for a dramatic look or just want to add a touch of shine to your everyday makeup routine, our lip cream is the perfect choice.

We’re proud to bring together the ancient and the modern with our “Fei Fei” lip cream. It’s a beautiful representation of Chinese culture, and we hope it brings you joy and good luck every time you use it.

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Xihe, the goddess of the sun in ancient Chinese mythology.

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